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Susan Edwards
Susan Edwards - Reconnective Healing Practitioner
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The Reconnection
I am a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, qualifying  in London in 2015 under the direct training of Dr Eric Pearl.  I am also a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner, enabling me to facilitate The Reconnection.
Based in the South West, my practice operates from York House, Centre for Integrated and Complementary Medicine in Taunton.
I am passionate about helping people recover from pain, stress and illness and move their lives into a happier place.  I found Reconnective Healing offers this and more.
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Testimonial continued...

​...trepidation and to be quite honest I wasn't very hopeful.  However, Susan was very welcoming and put me at ease quickly.  I discussed my diagnosis and the fact that my condition was incurable, I think I might also have mentioned that it was my last port of call, or perhaps I only thought that.  Susan talked about the therapy and what to expect.  After the session had finished we discussed our responses to the healing and I went away feeling very relaxed and happy.  I had the same response after all of my appointments.

Since undergoing the therapy I have had no fatigue which was a major factor previously and incredibly disabling.  I haven't had any new MS symptoms either and the residual slurred speech and unsteady gait that was evident when tired has diminished.  I feel better in myself and am creatively inspired to work.  I understand that even though I am no longer receiving the therapy the healing is continuing within and that Susan was the catalyst for this.  I don't know how things will shape themselves in the future, I can only go with now, and now I feel great.

My MS nurse rang recently and asked if I would like to go on medication, I didn't hesitate in saying no.  I am incredibly grateful for Susan's time and energy healing and I remain open to the possibilities of what it has to offer. 

Thank you Susan